Monday, January 17, 2011

Revlon goes feline

I'm kind of a fanatic about the installation process of my child's car seat.  Not that I enjoy that process, mind you, and I have a few choice words to say to the manufacturers of car seats that might not be appropriate for innocent ears, but beyond all that, when it needs to be done, I don't like to let anyone install it besides me or James.  It's just difficult, bottom line, to install, and therefore too easy to do it wrong.  Clips, straps, buckles, hooks... gah, this is why I'd like a word or two with these manufacturers because you'd think that with as many people have had children over the ages, coupled with how many darn times you have to move car seats from one vehicle to another that someone by now would have thought of a more intuitive way... I even have a few ideas myself. 

So this is what I was out doing for the five minutes I was out of the house.  I was installing that car seat in my Mountaineer for the umpteenth millionth time.  When I came back in to collect JJ and the rest of his things to go to Goey's house, he was standing in the living room with this look on his face.  And I knew what that look meant all too well. 

"What are you doing?"  I asked him, cautiously.  He kind of wrinkled his nose, like he does when he already knows he's in big trouble.  "Why don't you show me?"  So then he took off and ran back to the bathroom.  And there, on the bathroom vanity, were both cats, Tuesday and Thursday, sitting there eating their food, and Thursday had about half a bottle of my liquid foundation poured onto his back and sort of rubbed into his fur. 

I'm not sure which is worse, that in just five minutes of my absence, JJ can get into soo much trouble, or that he unabashedly displays the mischief he knowingly inflicted. 

JJ showing me his "mess"
So poor Thursday had to get a mini-bath before we left.  As much as I wanted to just throw JJ in the car to get going and forget about the cat with a half bottle of liquid foundation on his rump, I knew I'd have a bigger mess to clean up once I got home and the foundation was rubbed all over my furniture.  And I'm probably a terrible mom for taking pictures of the little episode while explaining to him that he was never to play with mama's makeup. 

This is case in point why I never can get anything productive done anymore.  It's always something! 

I finally got us in the car and on our way to Plant City, where I got a coffee, JJ some McNuggets, went to the banks to make deposits, and dropped off a pair of boots for repairs.  Then I dropped JJ off and came back to wax Rhonda and Magdalene's eyebrows, do chores, and then went shooting at the range.  Rhonda and I went together and James came later, Anthony was supposed to show but ended up having to work late and never made it.  Either way, I killed my paper raccoon target very dead.  Very, very dead. 

We had a great rain today, for most of the day.  That, of course, makes me quite happy. 

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  1. And JJ just laughs when he sees this picture!