Friday, January 14, 2011

I need to SHOOT something!!

When I woke up and tried to sit up, I thought to myself, yes indeed, I fell off a horse yesterday.

Literally I had one of those days today, where the things that drive me to the brink of insanity all happened in a period of a few short hours.  My son, was namely one of those "things" that about drove me to insanity's edge.  Everything was outright defiance and challenges to orders, requests, demands... I felt like I dished out more punishments today than one does candy on Halloween!  He pooped his pants three times in a row within a period of 6 minutes, no joke, and went poop in the potty once as I was cleaning him up after one of his episodes.  I didn't think such a little person could have so much POOP inside of him, sheesh.  I would go out to try and resume a lesson that was taking place in the arena, he would cry for help because he'd messed himself again, although I had just asked him if he needed to go. 

Yes, the hamster in the wheel thing?  That was me today.  So as I left the arena yet once again to go attend to wiping poop off his behind, I clenched my fists and hissed, "I need to shoot something!"

After the poop was cleaned up for the last time, I was just back out to the arena and heard a call for help from "Kiwi Izzie" (Kendle) to come and ask JJ if he would please quit throwing mud at her.  So yet again I left the arena, went over to have a candid chat with my son, and as I approached him, he threw mud at me.  Lovely. 

So the normal day of working in the barn, riding horses (oh, I am so sore, just everywhere... name a spot, yes, it's sore) and chores, chores, chores. 

I even took a "break" for lunch, went inside and noticed a bill from one of my recent hospital visits last month.  When I opened it I noticed that we were being billed for the entire amount and that our insurance had denied this claim.  I right away got on the phone with the billing people, to say, what the heck is going on here... they said they were going to resubmit the claim after I assured them that yes indeed, we had this coverage.  Then I got on the phone with my insurance the company, and required an explanation.  After so many times of being put on hold, it was eventually discovered that the hospital had sent them this claim, with the date as "2009" instead of "2010".  Yes.  That was it.  I hate having to be my own advocate for these stupid things.  They need to do their job so that I can do mine!

Eryn, bless her heart and all the hearts of the people who do the same, brought me a coffee this morning, I had asked for a grande but she forgot what I said and figured more was better, and brought me a venti... yay... you may sicken and grow weary of my incessant chatter about coffee and its betterment, blessings and boon, but I am here to say that it is like heaven in a cup.  And when my day can start out with heaven in a cup, my day is worth living.  Even when my day is like today. 

When I finally drug my weary body inside for the night, I had just extracted my son out of the barn bathroom where he was happily pouring my liquid soap down the sink drain, he was wet and slimy, I stripped him in the laundry room and sent him into the bathroom to wait for me while I talked with Rhonda for a few minutes.  Then upon hearing hysterical laughter coming from the bathroom and knowing it is never a good thing, I opened the door to find that he had taken a fistful of Tuesday's fur in both of his hands and was holding him up off the floor, by just his fur.  I don't know how this kid can take so many punishments and keep on ticking like he does; maybe he inherited my extravagantly limitless indomitability?  Just a thought. 

After his bath, I was in the bedroom trying him off with a towel and putting his pj's on, when Rhonda called me to say Tipper had cornered a raccoon up against the house, at the same time Ashlee came running inside to tell me the same thing.

So, yes, I got my opportunity to shoot something, although I missed, both times and the vermin got away, completely unscathed.  Darn. 

I will now get to take out the last dregs of my frustration by cleaning my house now, and I leave you a picture, that in so many words, explains so much of why I need a BIG bowl of ice cream tonight; this was Big Bird, having one of his moments tonight during our little training session.. :) 

And speaking of ice cream, James was to pick up some on his way home tonight, I had also asked him to get me a "large" bag of carrots, since carrots are the only treats that Big Bird will eat as I'm trying to get him to do his stretches, so this is what I was greeted with when he walked in the door tonight.  Do I need to explain that both myself and my husband have the need for a certain amount of overkill? 


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  1. Hilarious. JJ was probably pooping all day because of all the chocolate he ate the day before. I warned him!!! :)