Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PMS happens

This is Ansley and Kendle eating James' sacred Chocolate Cookie Quarry ice cream without him being home to know about it, that I so graciously offered them in his absence. 

And this is James' face later that night when I told him about it.  It was awesome. 

There's nothing quite like it in life when I get the "one-up" on him.  It makes my world go 'round.  :) 

So, have I ever mentioned before how much I dislike PMSing mares?  Well, this week they have been in full swing.  My Abbey mare, boarded here for my friend Jody who is in the Navy, normally would just like to kill pretty much every other horse in the barn on a normal daily basis.  However, this week, she's in love with everybody and therefore is also urinating over everything, in the aisleway as she's being walked down to the wash rack, in her stall, in the wash rack, in the arena.  I hate it when you walk into a barn and all you can smell is ammonia, and I do my best to make sure my barn is never that way.  However, when the mares are just peeing on everything, it makes it a touch more difficult.  And this "in heat" type of pee is a bit worse than just normal urine, more pungent. 

I picked up JJ from my mom's this morning and brought another truck load of crap back from her house, since they're moving and packing their stuff up, all our stuff that's been in storage over there now has to find a new home, and it sure as heck won't fit in mine.  So I don't know what we're going to do or where we're going to put it, but it's slowly making its way over here anyhow. 

Magdalene left her FB account open on my computer yesterday.  So before I logged out, I helped myself and typed in a status for her that said something to the effect that she was giving me her horse, Gallery, for my upcoming birthday and what a wonderfully awesome, talented, amazing trainer I was.  Haha.  So all day today I waited for that phone call from her when she finally found out.  It was great.  They pulled up this afternoon right at my end of my ride on Gallery, and when she walked out I said, "Thank you for my new horse!  This is awesome, my first ride on my new horse!"  She just stuck out her tongue at me and gave me this glare.  I figure I'll get a payback from her someday, but it was still fun while it lasted.  

I was a bit cranky with everyone and everything today.  Magdalene had a fantastic ride on Drama, on a scale of 1 to 10, he was an 11.  It was poetry.  Which was good because if had been around a 5 or 6 I think my crankiness would have flared up.  Then Kendall came and rode Abbey, she learned what it meant to post on the correct diagonal, to "rise and fall with the leg on the wall".  I worked with Big Bird and he is learning how to longe, and how to hold his shoulder out and keep a steady circle, which is he catching onto amazingly fast.  And then the only time I had left with Starbucks was to longe him with sidereins.  Eryn came around this time and rode Raz as long as she could until it was too dark to see, and then we did the rest of the barn chores and tried to get rid of all the urine in the stalls.  Once the barn was clean my mood lifted a little bit. 

When we fed the horses, Sammy was fussing at Big Bird and kicked at the fence in the run-out that seperated the two of them, and at that moment when I thought I heard the sound of a struggle, Eryn also called out that Sammy had gotten his leg stuck through the fence.  By the time I got to his stall his leg was out but he was walking on three legs and I instantly got a knot in my stomach, hoping hoping hoping that there was no significant damage.  After I could check him out, the only thing that was evident was a very deep cut on the inside of his left hind cannon bone, but I could treat that type of injury fine.  It's just if it was something broken, pulled or torn that I couldn't deal with.  After he got done eating he walked out of his stall just fine with no limp at all, so then I was able to breathe a sigh of relief, turn everybody out, finish chores, turn off the lights and leave.

Eryn stayed the night over, because she was just going to be out again tomorrow.  So I made something I could scrounge up for dinner and decided not to go OCD-psycho on her and keep my freakish house cleaning session I normally go into after dinner, and save it for tomorrow sometime when there's no one around.  :)  

Got quite a few hospital bills in the mail today... maybe that has something to do with my foul mood? 

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