Monday, November 28, 2011

Sick again!

JJ has left with Pop and Goey for Indiana for the entire month of December and are still en route.  They left early Sunday morning, soon after which I fell sick with the bug that everyone else has had and that I already had a few weeks ago, although this time it was far more brutal including a fever and pressure in my head so great it felt as if my ears were bleeding at times.  So I am inside alternating between sleeping, watching movies and posting items we want to sell on craigslist. What a life. 

We have a number of plans this month to get a lot done and try to pull ourselves out of this pit we find that we occasionally trip and fall into.  Mass household purging and organization is the name of the game.  I am also going to try to get some writing done and work on my dressage presentation for Feb. 

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