Monday, August 9, 2010

what's in motion tends to stay in motion...

The "snowball effect" is the name of the game these days and it's not indicative of things going wrong.  James and I have finally taken those first few steps in our very simple game plan of 1: eliminating of those things that we don't want, don't need, or just tie us down and prevent us from doing better things with our time, and then 2: adding things back into our lives that encourage us, inspire us, and motivate us to reach for new and better things. 

I had a 23-year old girl call this weekend asking about lessons.  She was an advanced rider who had a good bit of experience behind her and already had shown on some local circuits in her former hometown.  Now, having moved, she wanted to find a place where she could continue.  Instantly I wanted to kick myself in the butt because this is EXACTLY the type of rider(s) I want to have more of, and yet I had done nothing to prepare myself, my horses and my facility to accommodate this.  What horse would she ride and what would she do?  Most of my horses were tuned for my beginnerish students and here I have this dumb little mini horse that does nothing except take up space, and time and money.  It was right then that I resolved that I was taking whatever steps it took to get myself and my "things" up to par for what I really wanted, what really would motivate me and would really encourage me, and what I would really have fun at doing. 

I put Cooper online and within 4 hours I had a small flood of e-mails of people that were trying to sell themselves to ME as good homes for him.  I could NOT believe it.  This morning the first people came, cash in hand with the truck and trailer.  And while they were here, we mentioned about Jet needing to find a home and they ended up taking him too.  I of course felt saddened for the girls, because Jet was their first horse and all and yes, I remember the pain of parting ways with my first pony "Jay", but WOW did I feel great about having two empty stalls!  I put hay in one and shavings in the other so that nope! no more room for any more horses right now. 

Magdalene and I went out for a Starbucks coffee, because just in case you haven't heard, Starbucks coffee makes everything better.  We then stopped by the local tack shop to check out their selection of tall boots for a future purchase, made a deposit at the bank, wiped a Walmart clean of the Metamucil aisle and then went home to sweep the stalls clean in preparation for new sawdust which was on its way.  (the Metamucil is a psyllium supplement given to horses to clear sand out of their system, fyi, not because I have a massive constipation problem)

Hours later the sawdust was in, and chores were done, and I was tired and hungry.  Rhonda brought me a plate of spaghetti to take home with JJ, who was already fed.  I took him home, set the spaghetti down by the sink and ate it while standing there, played a little bit and read some of his truck books and then put him down with the Vicks vaporizer in the room to help his congestion.  The last two nights he's been sick and I've gotten such crappy sleep with him waking up coughing/gagging all the time, which helped to add to my extreme exhaustion tonight. 

Well, vomit episode #3 just happened, and the part above about the extreme exhaustion, yup, that's still true, so I'm going to see what little sleep I can get tonight.  :)

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  1. Sorry my little man is still sick. Poor thing. Happy things are moving for you too. I really need to start doing that. Pray for your mama...I think I have one of the toughest days ahead of me today. sigh.