Friday, August 13, 2010


JJ's been sick for over a week now.  I'd wish anything for me to be able to take the sick and yuck from him.  Yes, I'm exhausted, tired, grouchy, sleep-deprived and stir-crazy, but when he's lying there in bed with a high fever, I feel so helpless in being able to take his discomfort away.  I also am angry because I don't know what's going on with him and why he seems to get sick SO often and stay sick for SO long.  I went to the health food store to get him some liquid vitamins because there are no other forms that I can get him to consistently eat, so this I just squirt right into his juice and he's none the wiser.  But even that didn't give him the perk I thought it would.  I really don't know where to go or what to do, so... ?

On another note, I've been really upping my runs, I reached my first 7.7 miler in years.  I think the longest I've ever run in my whole life was one 8-mile and that was years ago, so I was pretty happy.  I only stopped because the movie I was watching while on the treadmill quit playing right so I lost motivation to stay on the 'mill and keep going til 8.  haha. 

This week has been busy with lessons, too.  I've been riding my horses in training more consistently this week than before, and have been taking my vitamins faithfully.  All in all, I'm tired but I feel good.  Really good. 

James has been stepping up and pitching in and staying more on top of things, which I really appreciate.  He's been tackling the little things and helping us get more streamlined with all our daily functions.  Thanks so much, hon. 

Our chickens are finally starting to lay eggs, so all these months of crazy-chicken-caring-for is now being paid in full!  I looove fresh eggs!

I pulled weeds today in one of the paddocks and freaking pulled a muscle or something in my wrist from doing so much.  Figures.  After all, "moderate" is my middle name. 



  1. hang in there hon! Hope JJ feels better.

  2. Praying for JJ! Great job on that 7.7 mile. Its amazing what man can do with TV hehehe