Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We have joined the cult!

So, fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally, after way too long of having dumb, non-intuitive, non-functioning cell phones, we made the plunge into the cult following of the iPhone.  I am pretty excited, but also pretty nervous of holding in my hands something so expensive and so breakable on a daily basis.  And I am also up late figuring everything out about it, but it's so much fun, I can't stop. 

Today when we first got up, JJ announced that he wanted some candies.  I told him, "You can't have candy until you eat your sausage."


"Okay then, you won't get candy or sausage and you can go hungry."

He thought for a second and then let out a big sigh.  "That's not good," he moaned.  "That's dumb."

I went to Plant City to get hay and run some other errands.  We stopped first, of course, at Starbucks for a frappuchino, and then went through the bank drive-through.  JJ was trying to talk to me as I was filling out my checking deposit slip, and I couldn't get him distracted onto anything else so that he would quit trying to call for my attention as I was working on my deposit.  So I asked him, "Do you want some of Mama's coffee?"  He said yes, so I handed it back to him, and all was quiet in the world.  After a while, I was done with my deposit and I asked him if I could have my coffee back.  He said sure, and as he handed it back up to me, I was in shock when I saw that he had consumed exactly half of it.  Not that I am unwilling to share, even half my coffee, but the first half is the best half because the coffee and the flavor is the strongest, the second half is more like ice and foam and the blander side.  I could NOT believe it.  See if I ever use my coffee to shut him up again!!

We went to the Hay Depot to get all my hay, and then to Tractor Supply to get flyspray.  When we got back to the barn we started on chores, Eryn came first and then Magdalene.  They had good rides.  Kendall G. was a little bit later and her ride was great, too. 

I did not take any meds today for my back pain, and I could move around and do most things.  Climbing in and out of the truck was the worst, and the lumbar support in my seats put pressure exactly on the injured area so I tried to sit off to the side as best as I could.  There were times when I would move a certain way and the pain would shoot up to a 10 on the scale, but it was just for an instant.  Otherwise, it was better.  Still very injured, very painful, and I'm still moving quite slowly, but it was possible to function. 

I bought these shoes last night at Dick's Sporting Goods, and I looooved wearing them around the barn today. They are the Siren Sport Gore-Tex XCR by Merrell.  I honestly don't think I've ever worn a more comfortable, correct shoe.  I could feel instant relief on my knees when I put them on and walked around the store, because of the way the soles are designed to be correct for the conformation of a woman and our "Q-angle".  I hope they come out with a running shoe with this same technology soon, because I will be getting them if they do. 

Because Ariat, I'm sorry, but your barn shoes/sneakers that I got last year just didn't hold up, they were brutal to break in, and they were destroyed within just months.  These may not be decidedly "equestrian" but they are going to do the job, nevertheless. 

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  1. I like the Iphones. I like the shoes. I like the JJ eating ultimatum. :) But as to the coffee incident... that boy is going to be 5'1" if you're not careful haha.